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30th April - 1st May 2019

As part of its 30th Anniversary Celebrations, the CTU presents Caribbean FutureScape,the first of its kind in the Caribbean. It is an immersive interactive ICT experience that will demonstrate the speed, efficiency, transparency, resilience, facility and simplicity of life in a fully integrated digital Caribbean - the quality of life that should be experienced in the Caribbean.

Caribbean FutureScape simulates what our region could be by creating a model region in a controlled environment that comprises 5 of our countries, in which citizens move freely within a borderless space.

How will you experience life in Caribbean FutureScape?

1.Leave and enter any country using your digital ID (borderless space)

2.Register a business locally or in another FutureScape country

3. Purchase goods using digital currency

4. Purchase real estate using digital currency

5. Apply and pay for renewal of your driver's licence.

6. Access hospital medical records online

7. Register your child for school

8. Access digital classrooms.

9. Fight crime digitally

10. Visit digital courtrooms

11. Visit a digital library

12. Pay taxes without visiting the Tax Office

13. Receive alerts on impending disaster, evacuation strategy and nearest shelters during a national emergency.

Application for Citizenship

Your application for citizenship is the key that will unlock the benefits of Caribbean FutureScape and your life within its boundaries. It requires that you complete the Information form on this website. Your photo is also requested to make the registration process more efficient.

Please indicate whether you would be visiting Caribbean FutureScape:

  • In person. At the Caribbean FutureScape entry portal you would be provided with your digital ID.
  • Virtually. Special times will be allocated for your virtual experience.

A notification will be sent to confirm your application for citizenship upon completion.

The wait is over. Join us now in experiencing life in Caribbean FutureScape!

To apply for citizenship in Caribbean FutureScape, please click REGISTER above to be part of this digital experience! Please note, participants who register for citizenship in FutureScape will have full access to all of its experiences. Walk in participants, who do not register, will enjoy a demonstration of the experiences.

Please click here Week at a Glance for a schedule of the week's activities. For details and to register for other 30th Anniversary events, please click on the following link(s):

CIGF and other associated events

ITU Workshop


Start: 30 April 2019
08:30 am
End: 3 May 2019
04:00 pm
Caribbean Telecommunications Union

Hyatt Regency Trinidad, Wrightson Road

Wrightson Road
Port of Spain
Trinidad & Tobago

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